Rising Stars


2023 Rising Stars Guidelines and Application

Organizations applying for Rising Stars must abide by the guidelines listed below. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in removal from the program or loss of eligibility for future ticket distributions.

  1. Donated tickets must be used for youth and/or at-risk individuals with a limited number of tickets utilized for adults providing supervision and transportation.
  2. All Rising Stars tickets will be sent digitally through the LA Galaxy/AXS App.. A waiver must be submitted for EACH person utilizing a Rising Stars ticket upon ticket pick up -- no exceptions. Fill out the waiver here.
  3. Re-selling or misuse of donated tickets will result in automatic and permanent removal from the program. Tickets must be used for the purpose outlined in the organization’s letter.
  4. Groups will be monitored on game days, if any behavior is found to be unacceptable in any way, the group will be removed from the program. Chaperones are responsible for supervising children at all times.
  5. Organizations unable to utilize all donated tickets must give the LA Galaxy Foundation one week’s notice in order to re-allocate the tickets.
  6. Due to limited amounts of tickets per game, failure to utilize allocated tickets without proper advanced warning will result in organization being subject to removal from program.
  7. Organizations wishing to change the name of the Game Day contact must do so within 72 hours of game time.
  8. Organizations must submit personalized thank you cards, pictures, or letters from the children no later than one week after attending a game. Correspondence must be addressed to “Rising Stars Community Partners” and mailed to: Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation, 18400 Avalon Boulevard, Suite 200, Carson, CA 90746.
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Checking the box below verifies that as an authorized representative I have read the Rising Stars Guidelines. I understand that, I am agreeing to distribute any and all game tickets donated by the Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation to the youth and agents of my organization only, per the Rising Stars Guidelines. I understand that donated tickets are to be used solely for the intended purpose of the Rising Stars program and that tickets are not to be sold, exchanged or given away to ANY other parties under any circumstance. I also understand that any misuse of donated tickets or failure to use the tickets will result in loss of eligibility for future ticket distributions. 

Please review this organizational waiver. By registering for the LA Galaxy 2023 Rising Stars program you agree to the terms and conditions of the Organization Voluntary Waiver and Release agreement and that all information provide is true, accurate and complete in all respects. 

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